Who are we?

Jeff Myhre (The Millet Man) has been an active member in the avicultural community for over 31 yrs. Like most beginners he started with parakeets and the collection grew throughout his high school years. After his enlistment in the Marine Corp, Jeff came home and decided to diversify his collection once more. The birds varied over the years from finches to pheasants and parakeets to parrots. Jeff has worked as an animal show manager, training rescued animals behaviors and tricks for a domestic animal show. While working as a zookeeper, Jeff led the educational department and conducted educational animal programs throughout the Midwest. His experience in animal behavior came in handy while a Senior dog handler at a dog daycare and boarding facility. During the same time Jeff joined his parents in opening a small bird store in Racine Wisconsin called Wisconsin Exotics Aviary. Jeff is currently the President of the Greater Racine Avicultural Society, Vice President of the Wisconsin Cage Bird Club and the State Coordinator for the American Federation of Aviculture

‚ÄčWhen it comes to pet birds, we care. With over 31 years experience in avian management and husbandry, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you care for your feathered friends.

It all started with 4 parakeets in 1986 and grew from that moment on. Over the years the flock has consisted of finches and softbills, small and large hookbills, pheasants, chickens and waterfowl. Along the way, how we cared and fed our feathered family has changed quite a bit.  Our understanding of how to better care for our flock increased 10 fold. We have found that with a better diet and proper housing our birds flourished.

 Keeping birds is not a hobby it's a way of life.